About Us

Here at Charles Edward our focus is entirely on you as a client. Our goal is to ensure your absolute satisfaction from enquiry to aftercare.

A Charles Edward project can typically range from £500k to £10 million, under any contract type and procurement route in the delivery of Turnkey Fit Out, Refurbishment and New Build as a main or sub contractor.

Established in 2012 we have built positive relationships with a wide group of construction businesses. We are strong and yet agile in our delivery techniques tailoring our service to the individual needs of each of our customers. There is no under estimation of the power of repeat business to any organisation and we will strive to ensure we are your contractor of choice for all your construction needs.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to meeting and exceeding our client’s aspirations by delivering the highest quality product we can and we welcome your enquiries to see if we can support your requirements.

Our values

Three key values underpin our company and everything we do:

We are open and honest

We understand our clients desire for an open and honest contractor.  Trust is earned and never gifted and thus our approaches to both the commercial and delivery aspect of each project will be refreshingly open and we expect to be held to this.

We are passionate

We are passionate about enjoying ourselves in our daily endeavours, be it the build process, achievement of a client budget, a new innovative of working or a team night out.  Our passion never falters.

We build lasting partnerships

We see the creation and maintenance of partnerships as integral to our success.  We (you and us) have common goals and therefore forming lasting relationships with a subcontractor, consultant or client will only serve to improve each construction journey.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services in an equally wide range of sectors across London and the South East of England. Each sector being led by the appropriate skill head who prides themselves on their niche knowledge, dedicated resources and industry relationships. For the right client we have extended our reach internationally.

Fit out and refurbishment

Whether you are a main contractor or developer seeking to subcontract a turnkey fit out or refurbishment, Charles Edwards are ready and capable. We work as a contracting partner directly for clients or via a clients representative to fit out best in class, modern workspaces. Our in house specialist teams ensure a quality delivery, always built to the highest industry standards, on time and within budget.

Residential and new build

Are you a private end user or developer looking for an innovative constructor? Here at Charles Edward Ltd we have a vast array of proven experience highlighting us as an excellent choice as your main contracting partner.  With a track record spanning from the refurbishment of the Record Store in Hayes to the new build of 3 new build timber framed townhouses, a new courtyard and the refurbishment of an existing building into 8 apartments with two restaurants to the ground floor. Our diversity makes us a perfect choice for your most interesting schemes.


We work as an extension of all of our clients

  • Consistent 85{700ba32798eb636f65fce705c85ef7f339bbb9fb8f86377fd58325a01b09dd48} or above customer feedback score
  • 65{700ba32798eb636f65fce705c85ef7f339bbb9fb8f86377fd58325a01b09dd48} of our business is repeat business
  • We can joint venture with partners to create a tailored solution
  • We have a 100{700ba32798eb636f65fce705c85ef7f339bbb9fb8f86377fd58325a01b09dd48} payment on time approach for our supply chain

Our management team

Dale Hardwick
Managing Director

Dale is a results orientated MD with excellent commercial awareness in the construction industry. He’s really hands on and likes to integrate fully with his delivery teams to ensure there overall success to budget, time and in a safe environment.

Matthew Berry-McIntosh
Commercial Manager

Matthew is directly responsible for commercial control and delivery of all aspects of the construction and residential division. A hugely experienced individual with diverse construction qualifications makes him incredibly well rounded for a commercial lead.

John Taenas
Operations Manager

John has been the lifeblood of the operational delivery of Charles Edwards for the last 5 years. Knowing the clients and understanding the construction solutions has been intrinsic to the company’s construction successes.

The Charles Edward team are a delight to work with .

They employ a collaborative approach to solving challenges as they arise and provide a contracting service that is first class.

Robin Castle – Director  – Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP.

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