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Offices & Commercial Workspaces

This is a constantly evolving marketplace in which client’s requirements are created to suit their individual business needs and often at a pace that defies the rest of the construction industry. Here at Charles Edward our fit out experts help create inspiring workplace solutions to get the very best from your staff, as we know its people that build successful businesses.

Our fit out mission is for our clients to instinctively turn to us for creative solutions to challenging briefs safe in the knowledge that the team have a proven track record in continually evolving delivery techniques.

Whether you’re a Landlord seeking an infrastructure upgrade, common parts refurbishment or a Cat A fit out through to the Cat B finishing of a floor; here at Charles Edwards we have the capabilities to meet your programme and budgetary needs.


Data and energy centres

Charles Edward have undertaken construction and fit out works to data centres in the UK and Europe, including Malta, Holland and Denmark. All our schemes are assigned a full time team made up at a minimum of a project manager and technical service manager giving access to technically aligned points of contact for the duration of the journey. Your allocated technical service manager’s involvement does not end with the completion of the build; we own the commissioning phases ensuring your staff are fully trained for use of your new data halls.

Where designs have been prepared in-house or by an external third party without build expertise, rest assured our Charles Edward data centre experts are here to help and facilitate the construction phase to ensure a cost effective delivery.


Leisure and hospitality

The hospitality sector requires a skill set that aligns to the bespoke and often refurbishment style construction techniques used in this market with a real emphasis on durability and quality finesse.

When planning a refurbishment project, having faith in the workmanship and reliability of your contractor is of the utmost importance. We span the spectrum of hotelier models from mass market to boutique luxury establishments. Another strand of our hospitality and leisure work has seen us develop for restaurants and catering outlets.

That’s why at Charles Edwards we offer an all embracing tailored construction service undertaken by experienced teams who understand the importance of completing your hospitality venture to the highest standards.

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