Health and Safety

Health of our people

Charles Edward considers the health and wellbeing of our employees, stakeholders and supply chain a top priority.

We are passionate about adopting a best practice approach when controlling the key health hazards arising from construction activities. Our supply chain are audited prior to mobilisation against our minimum standards. These standards require a demonstration of assessment and control measures of occupational health issues prevalent in the construction industry those arising from but not limited to exposure to noise, vibration, dust and other respiratory sensitizers, work with chemicals and other substances hazardous to health, manual handling and repetitive tasks and other ergonomic issues.

“We recognise the synergy between health and work and address this holistically by focusing on protecting people from workplace health risks, managing the health of workers and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.”

Such is our commitment to improving the health of the construction industry that we as a business engage in initiatives to promote health, wellbeing and general awareness and we have historically cascaded to our projects in the form of the following:

  • Drugs and alcohol awareness sessions
  • Mental health awareness and an open door policy
  • Dust, Noise and Vibration toolbox talks
  • Movember supporting Mens health issues
  • Sporting events such as London to Paris Bike Ride
  • Banish the broom
  • Free fruit Friday

We are always seeking new and exciting ways to improve on the above and equally embrace initiatives from our larger Main Contracting friends.


Safety is paramount for every one of our projects and is at the forefront of our minds in all that we do everyone deserves to go home safe and sound at the end of the day.

Our safety team are responsible for implementing and maintaining Environmental, Health and Safety management systems across the business and creating, modifying and approving EHS procedures and practices required for compliance and systematically maintaining and retaining EHS documentation. Managing safety records and information on training, self-inspections, audits, accident/incident investigations, employee medical data and safety monitoring. We ensure that responsibility for safety is allotted to each and every person who comes onto a Charles Edward site and that everyone has the tools and knowledge to ensure that they remain safe as well as those around them

We believe all accidents are preventable, so we do everything safely, and if it proves to not be we find a safer way.

To make sure we create an environment where all go home safe and healthy every day, weve developed a key approach that has 4 key features:

  • Innovation: challenging our standards to ensure we exceed them, always seeking a better and safer way of doing things.
  • Guidance: being clear with our staff, supply chain and stakeholders of what we expect from them in terms of management of actions
  • Behaviours: safety in our behaviours must be synonymous with Charles Edward
  • Project standards: consistency of site set up and approach creates a culture of safety

In the more practical sense Charles Edward approaches safety through a number of key mechanisms that have ensured we are at zero RIDDOR incidents throughout our 8 year trading history.