18 Bevis Marks


John Stow House is located on the north side of Bevis Marks close to its junction with Creechurch Lane.

We were appointed to fit out the common areas on all nine floors of the building. This included super loos –a space saving single unit including toilet, washing basin for use by either gender.

We striped out the first and fourth floor back to Cat A ready to be leased out to new occupiers.

The works had to be planned in a manner such that it did not impede on the tenants as the project was conducted in a heavily occupied building.

Scope of works

  • Cat B fit out of common areas
  • M&E works
  • Removal of identified equipment
  • Installation of new air conditioning units
  • Ceiling overlay
  • Upgrading existing lighting to LED
  • Strip out level 4 back to a standard Cat A

Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP


18 Weeks

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