FabLab – London


FabLab was a bespoke design developed between CEL, TP Bennett and the project contractors.

A unique and challenging feature of the project is that the structure itself is not fixed to the stone floor of the atrium, it is fixed to a timber build up which sits on the underlying stone. It is in effect a temporary structure that can be removed relatively easily.

All works were carried out at weekends and nights to minimise disruption to the client.

The install totally transformed the space from a drab and virtually unused area to a vibrant and lively environment which is highly popular with the bank staff who use it and provides a welcome break out from desks.

With the use of sliding doors within the structure the space can be opened up or areas closed off depending on the requirement, providing a highly flexible workspace.

The space provides areas for collaborative working, informal meetings, presentations and social events for the bank and feedback has been wholly positive since opening.


BNP Paribas

4 weeks

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