The Powerhouse


Demolition and removal of existing extensions, including removal of an existing incinerator and flue to a Victorian powerhouse so as to allow the construction of a new extension and refurbishment of the existing water tower.

These works are being completed to house the plant and boilers of a new district heating network which will feed the new buildings which form part of the redevelopment of The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes, Middlesex.

Scope of works

  • Refurbishment of the existing water tower
  • Building built to a shell specification to allow for the district heating and central heating plant for the development
  • Full MEP Installation
  • Construction of a café within the new extension
  • A mezzanine office area to the new extension
  • Installation of a new thermal store into the existing water tower
  • A prefabricated roof and louvre panel building on top of the water tower
  • New bullseye Crittall style windows to the water tower and new glazing throughout the new extension
  • New Cadisch anodized mesh finish to new extension


U&I Plc


22 Weeks

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