We are engrained at Charles Edward to deliver quality but frankly speaking it goes beyond what we are just told to do.

We believe the management and delivery of quality starts at the first design workshop through to the final craftsmanship of the install. The level of detail and our vision of how a space will be transformed from the concept design to a crisp finish what make what makes Charles Edward equipped to deliver your highest quality schemes.

It’s about pride, it’s standing there alongside the entire consultant and client team at the end of the project being proud of what we have delivered.

The approach and key the success is to understand each of the design and build stages and how they fit together. The delivery and on-site methodology we use to create quality environments is through visual observations, benchmarking standards, daily supply chain activity briefing and electronic recordings via an electronic tablet based system.

To succeed in driving quality into our projects we approach with a very clear strategy:

  • Completion on time – great programme management creates a quality culture
  • Snag free completion – this facilitates our clients prompter use of the space and a smoother handover
  • Honing in on a client’s objectives – ensures expectations are managed and that the team never lose sight of their delivery goal

Furthermore as an ISO 90001 accredited organisation we take our approach to quality assurance very seriously. To support each and every project team our Quality Manager Adam Ruscoe, is responsible for facilitating and reviewing the implementation of the quality management system and all quality control processes for the project so that each and every journey with us feels consistent and well managed. In addition, during the design stages the Charles Edward Design Manager will be accountable for managing and monitoring the design deliverables ensuring that they are appropriate and satisfy client and end user requirements, whilst providing sufficient information to facilitate procurement and construction activities.

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