Residential and New Build


Heritage buildings

We have worked on a number of contracts requiring the delivery of works within listed buildings across London and the South East. We know that such endeavours require sensitivity at all stages of the project, from design and planning throughout delivery. To ensure that proposals align with historic building consents, we always successfully engage with the entire team through to Historic England.  Our experience means we will consider a range of solutions intended to minimise impact and de-risk your programme. These potentials include:

  • Surveys of the existing structure carried out prior to any sensitive demolition/strip out commencing and suitable protection being applied
  • Approval of the new superstructure at each stage, material selection and procurement, quality and fabrication
  •  The importance of tolerance checks at each stage in relation to the listed building and designing these into the construction methodology
  • Exploring the full extent of prefabrication.

From design through to delivery, we have worked on some highly relevant and historically important buildings.



If you are an architect, builder or an interior designer looking for something special for a project you’re working on or an individual looking for something completely unique and bespoke then our service is second to none.

We use the highest quality suppliers to create a interior tailored to your requirements, and whether you’re looking for a cool contemporary design or something more classic with character we can achieve this. Having been featured in ‘Beautiful Kitchens’ magazine and obtaining a design recognition award, our designers will help you create a unique solution.

Our furniture suppliers are some of the largest in Europe. With French, German, Italian and Spanish manufacturers it is safe to say we have something for everyone with no limitations on what we can achieve.

Having also become a finalist in the KBB customer service award and winning the customer service award for our area, we know and value that this is important and that is why we have become a member of the CPA (Consumer Protection Association).


New build

Charles Edward have the knowledge and experience to take a project from an initial vision right through to practical completion. Our team will work with you to not only ensure that the concept is delivered but will be integral to its evolution throughout the build process.

We can assist in the design phase, using our wealth of building experience and project lifecycle knowledge to ensure that the technical and practical elements are appropriate and align fully with timing and budgetary requirements.

From the back of a napkin to cutting the tape, Charles Edward are able to provide expert support at every stage.

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