Every project is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

We are fully aware of our responsibilities under environmental legislation. We subscribe to a number of publications to keep up to date with legal requirements, and participate in industry forums and groups and such as the UK Green Building Council that respond to policy changes and consultations on forthcoming legislation.

“We are committed to responsibly sourcing materials, including 100% FSC certified timber, in-line with our corporate policies and sustainable approach. As a business, we only employ supply chain that are FSC Certified.”

We are ISO14001 certified. All of our projects are subject to the requirements of our ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS). Included within this is the requirement to identify significant environmental aspects and impacts – in effect, an Environmental Risk Assessment, or Impact Assessment. Reviews are held on a regular basis, and in response to changing circumstances. The use and effectiveness of such documentation is assessed at planned audits carried out by the environmental team within Charles Edward, and also through external audits carried out by the British Standards Institute (BSi).

Our collective team willingly work towards achieving industry leading project sustainability targets such as Ska, BREEAM and LEED. Implementing best practice management procedures and lessons learnt from other projects, we will ensure confidence in and delivery of any target set of us, equally we engage in other practical measures that push us forward in our industry:

  • Placing sustainability at the top of meeting agendas
  • Hosting a lessons learnt session before project commencement
  • Carrying out a due diligence review of any pre assessments
  • Developing project gateways, such that tender packages include all sustainability requirements, tender returns are assessed on competence to deliver the targeted compliance
  • Hosting sustainability kick-off meetings with all sub-contractors, and hosting regular training sessions and workshops for staff where required by the project
  • Training of our team

Early engagement is our preferred approach and is often pivotal to sustainability performance on a project.

We are committed to responsibly sourcing all key materials in-line with ISO14001 and BES 6001, and have recently demonstrated responsible sourcing of additional materials such as stone, leather and key building services for some of our clients.

To oversee our sustainability commitments Richard Jones takes the lead and can in turn allocate a Sustainability Coordinator to a project if the targets are as such that this support would be required. Richard has delivered significant improvements and efficiencies within a number of sectors such as Motorsport F1, Aerospace, Construction and Pharmaceutical. Taking many of these companies zero to Landfill, increasing recycling stats and ensuring compliance and accreditations are achieved.

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