Zoe Moss

Zoe is revered in the market for her unique and vivacious approach.  She prides herself on finding a solution that benefits everyone and builds teams around her that enjoy working hard in a vibrant environment.  Leading the team in London at Charles Edward is a position she is not only very comfortable in but one she is determined to succeed in.

Some quick facts about Zoe…

What motivates you to come into work in the morning?

Working with a team that is pulling in the same direction

Whats your favourite place in the world?

Las Vegas!

If you had a band, who else would be in it?

Gary and Colin obviously….we’d be like a modern day Banarama!

Tea or coffee?

Tea always

If you had to change your name, would would you change it to?


Whats your party trick?

Dancing like no one else is in the room

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